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We invite you to get acquainted! Our store is a manufacturer of incredibly beautiful and interesting wooden puzzles for adults and children. Each detail in the puzzles is exceptional, shaped and of high quality. Our products are full of adventure, mystery and special symbols. Bright colors steal the gloom and fill the gloomiest day with smiles. By the way, the harvesting process is equated to meditation ☺️ And the smell of wood? This is the best fragrance in the world 😍

It all started with enthusiasm and a minimal investment of money and a dream! The dream of producing a quality product that will give emotions! If someone tells you that there are no mistakes and everything in business goes smoothly - don't believe it! The main thing is not to give up, there were also lots of obstacles along our way.

During this time, our team made more than 10,000 products that spread and brought joy to 26 countries around the world! πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

Our mission is to give joy, surprise and bring smiles!
Thanks for the acquaintance, dear reader. We hope we can be friends πŸ’«